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Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Friday ~ High Definition Golf

All photos compliments of High Definition Golf

Do any of you play golf? Do you have a husband or partner that plays? Well, this post is for you! When I visited the CharityWorks' Green Designer Show House, I met Lynni Megginson.

Lynni specializes in design and installation of high definition golf. Virtual golf has been around for a while now but I have never seen it so clear and functional in my life. This will actually improve your game not to mention be a huge hit at parties. The company High Definition Golf seems to have surpassed the rest with the quality of their product. My husband loves golf. We live in a golf community. If he had one of these, I don't think I would ever see him. Would you like to play Pinehurst No. 2?

They have many courses you can have in your own home. It provides you with relevant information.....

In the show house, they had a separate room for it but I would incorporate in into a swanky lounge on the lower level so all may enjoy it together.....

Pebble Beach any day of the week?!!!
Your wish is my command.....
Seriously, I would love to get this for my husband. He would enjoy it all winter long!

What will they think of next??!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I don't golf and I was hooked. Totally totally kick booty cool.


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