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Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun Friday ~ Women in Design

Today I thought it would be fun just to look at some beautiful work from talented female designers for inspiration. Nothing like a little eye candy on a Friday! Shall we.....

This lovely room is done by Angela Free. I selected this one because of her use of a mural. I like using murals that are subtle and well done. Her application is impeccable.

This design is by Evelyn Benatar. I am not sure when this design was completed but her use of color ~ neutrals beige and gray together ~ is a hot trend right now and well implemented here. The chandelier looks like hovering bubbles to me. I find this room very soothing.

The next two are from the incredible Laura Kirar.
I stopped in my tracks at this one. When I saw the pendants at the last Market, I imagined an application very similar to this one. I posted about it.This is what I mean. The pendants I featured are the ones Laura used here ~ or at least very similar. It is especially lovely over a large dining table as seen here. Varying height ~ floating from above. Wonderful.

How about this bedroom? Spa hues done with energy ~ movement. There's a juxtaposition one doesn't often see. When done well, it is quite spectacular. See example above.

Beth Dotolo did this design. The room is expansive. Clearly she and client wanted to keep it that way. Yet, with the use of bedding and ample sized portable lamps on the nightstands, the room remains warm and inviting. A delicate balance well achieved here. The chairs off in the distance are wonderfully placed for the photo.

This Janie Hirsch design is so delicious. I really just want to sit in the bed with a yummy cup of tea and read a good book. The headboard is simple and magnificent. I love the soft colors. The chandelier over the side chest serving as a night stand is very elegant and lovely backed by the soft drape. Simply divine.

The last two are by the remarkable Suzanne Kasler.
Oh! ~ I wish I found this for my guest post on Sarah's Haute Design ~ Ode to Pink. Suzanne's use of pink hues in this dining room are heavenly. I am in love with the drapes against the taupe walls. That's her Hickory Chair settee. I love that piece. When I met Suzanne at her Safavieh party, I was impressed by her hair. Say what? Her hair was finger combed with a clip slightly coming out. I thought, 'Now there is a working woman and probably just finished helping to set up her display.' Unpretentious. Lovely.

The pops here add just the right amount of color to this room. The unique upholstery with soft colors on the stools adds just the right amount of interest to the grouping. 'Just the right amount' aka well-edited.

I hope you enjoyed these lovely rooms completed by fabulous designing women. I did.

Did you see some other points of interest in these rooms?! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Morning, Paula! What gorgeous rooms you've shown. Now I think I'm getting a tiny bit depressed! :) Just kidding. So much inspiration does make me want to clean my house! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Love that last livingroom, gorgeous!


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