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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shape and Rhythm Details

You've heard time and time again... Its all in the details. I agree. We've been looking at some before and during pictures of a project and then some of the details. Today's detail is about shape and rhythm ~ two elements I pay very close attention to when I design.

In the detail picture above are the table, chairs, and chandelier I selected for the kitchen. First, the chandelier and table base have contemporary lines and finished in chrome ~ a nice connection. To warm it up and mix materials and periods, I used reproduction 19th century Parisian brasserie wooden chairs. To connect the great divide in material and periods, I echoed a shape. Note the soft V-like shape of the chandelier arms and the back of the chair. The eye is drawn to the shape connection adding a lovely vertical rhythm. I love that.

Do you see it?

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