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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Reminisce

I originally ran this post in December 2009. I was reminiscing with friends the other day about a Holiday Party we had in our old home. Here's how the house looked for that. I look forward to hosting Holiday parties in my new home but these photos make me appreciate my old home and remember all the wonderful times we had there :)

Welcome to my holiday home tour! These pictures are of the dramatic and touches of Christmas all over my house (double click on the pictures to see them larger). Above is the family room ~ home to my daughter's tree. Her tree is decorated with all her baby ornaments, ones made by her own hands, pictures of her and her daddy, candy canes, light and, of course, hot pink sparkly ball ornaments. Our stocking hang by the fire with care.....

Here we are in the dining room with red and silver sparkle ornaments hung from the chandelier with very fine plastic thread. It looks as if the bulbs are floating. A simple arrangement of red beaded branches and pine cones serve as centerpiece. When the table is set, it is a blaze with black, red, silver, and ivory ~ I need to have a dinner party!

Let's move to the living room......
My color palette in the living room is red and gold. My living room's year long palette is browns and blues so during the holiday season, I like to warm it up! All ornaments on the tree are red and gold. The ribbon is twisted to see both sides as they too are red and gold. An angel in a red dress is joined with gold beaded reindeer for the cocktail table display.

What's that peaking out of my cabinet? Red glass bulbs of course! I love little touches.

It is a simple crystal bowl that lives in the cabinet all year long. During the holidays, it is married with simple red bulbs for a pop of holiday cheer.

Here is a shot of my living room normally. This angle is almost where the Christmas tree stands. You can see the stairs and the balcony. During the Holidays the stairs and balcony are lined with nutcrackers, lit garland and red bows with gold specks. Sparkle, sparkle!!

For safety, I tie each nutcracker to the balusters with neutral twine that goes unnoticed.

Let's peak into the conservatory, which is an extension really of the living room as the French doors are always open between the two rooms. The palette in here ~ blue and ivory.

I love this wreath! I actually bought it for the front door but it did not fit between the door and the storm door ~ oh dear!! No matter, I found a lovely home for it hanging contently in the window. The conservatory is at the rear of the house so all one sees from the street is a little twinkle of light from the back window. I wrapped the wire for hanging in ivory and gold ribbon and voila ~ a beautiful decoration that began with an oops!

And now the kitchen.....
Just a touch ~ blue and gold bulbs suspended from the chandelier float above a blue and gold pedestal platter filled with pine cones. Blue napkins with gold rings set a top striped blue and neutral place mats finished with beads on the sides. I chose blue and gold to add warmth.

Don't forget the powder room!
Just a touch will do for me!

Inexpensive blue and silver jewelry-like ornaments hung from the sconces with a bow tied from silver tinsel pipe cleaners.

How about upstairs? I like a touch of holiday decor in each room of the house. In the master bedroom, we have these bulbs on an accent table.....
We bought these bulbs on our honeymoon so it makes them extra special and wonderful to place in our personal space. When the candle is lit, the gold paint on each bulbs glistens.

What about Lauren's room???
Of course! It is decorated with a door wreath and red bows.... everywhere! Her own design!

I love Christmas with all the beauty the season has to offer ~ spending time with loved ones. This year, I am hosting Christmas for the first time. I cannot wait to have a house full, constant chaos and laughter. Lauren is so excited to have her Nana and cousins here. I wonder if she'll sleep at all of Christmas eve?! I know for sure that she won't let her older cousins sleep in on Christmas day. I cannot wait to see her face that morning. That will be the best beaming light of all!

I hope you enjoyed my Holiday Home Tour. I sure did. Let me know what your doing in your home this year. I'd love to see pictures! Email to me at paula@paulagracedesigns.com. I'd love to post them!

Naturally I am joining holiday parties at Julia's Hooked on Holiday House Tours and Southern Hospitality so hop over and join in!

I wonder if the parties above are still going on? Hmmmmm....?!

Have a very Merry Christmas and happy New year!

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  1. I remember your home then—so so beautiful and well put together, Paula Grace! I love seeing it again... and little Lauren's decor is so sweet—it's fabulous that she likes to create her own Christmas decor in her room :)

    I hope that you and yours have had the most wonderful Christmas celebration, filled with laughter and joy. May the new year bring you many surprises, happy times, and lovely things...

    Warmly, your friend,


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