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Friday, December 16, 2011

Fa la la la....

The other day I decided that I would fill some silver vases I have with gold sticks and red shimmering berries for a bit of holiday cheer. I had the shimmering red berries but I needed the gold sticks. So off I went to my local crafts store. No gold stick that I liked. Next, my local home decor store. Yup, they had them. Nice and chunky just the way I wanted them. They wanted $12.99 for three short sticks. $12.99 plus tax! Blimey!

I needed many sticks for what I had in mind. I thought to myself, 'There's no way I am paying that.' So back I went to my crafts store. This time to buy a can of gold spray paint. Monday morning I went into the woods just behind my home. We had a good night below freezing so I thought now is the time for me to make my move. I gathered up some lovely fallen sticks and branches and went to work.

Here are my vases with my DIY gold sticks. I didn't want them to be perfect. I wanted a little bit of the wood to show through. I managed to get it just the way I wanted.

Here they are with my little men. I'm still waiting for the pedestals I ordered. The vases will be placed on top of them. They are arriving soon!

I love my little nutcrackers on my steps. I've done that for years and I smile every time they make their entrance.

Not to shabby for a novice craft DIYer. Nice and chunky... just the way I wanted them.

Fa la la la la la la..............

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