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Friday, December 2, 2011

Mini BUT Impactful Before and After

Do you remember this photo? I blogged about it before. My lovely client, the gentleman of the house, did this faux treatment himself. I tried not to wince but when the lady of the house winced rather loudly, I had to join in. He is a very skillful man. He can install practically anything. He was the project manager of this job AND he knew what he is doing. Fantastic attributes to have. Unfortunately faux painting is not on his long list of skills. The lady of the house asked me to "Please take care of this powder room as soon as possible." Ok!
There you go. All better. It is amazing to me how a simple coat of paint can calm. I changed out the lighting, mirror, vanity, area rug, and, of course, added art. Viola! Better yes?

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