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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beautiful Details

On Monday I showed you a wide angle shot of this project. Here is a detail shot. You may already know this about me but I love using glass... art glass, glass tile..... I am always mesmerized but the play between light and glass. This leads me to state for the record ~ lighting is critical for great design. You can see I used glass tile that captures the palette. These are illuminated by under cabinet lighting. In this design, I also have lit top cabinets along the entire perimeter of this kitchen. Of course, the shelves in these cabinets are a bit too high for daily functional use but functional use is not why they are there. I designed these cabinets to hold a two art glass series that I love from Cyan Design. They are not terribly expensive ~ GREAT! They are, however, very impactful.

When these glass pieces are illuminated, they are spectacular. The entire perimeter of the kitchen glows with champagne and soft green. Hmmm.... maybe I should take a picture of them in the evening (duh!). Next time :)

More details to come!

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