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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paula Grace Furnishings Preview

I thought a little preview of my Media Cabinet and Curio Tables would be nice. These pictures are literally in my fabricator's workshop or just outside ~ not very fancy but they look good even in these surroundings! I adore the clean lines and little surprizes.

Here are the ivory BeautifulX2 Curio Tables ~ the 12" and the 22". I'm using the 12" as drink tables and the 22" to display a wedding album.

I love the stretcher, toe cap, and finial details! Isn't that the sweetest thing??!

Here is the Media Cabinet. I have not named it yet. What do you think it should be called? This one is quite large as it was sized for a two story great room application. I love the softness of the arcs and the pizazz of the bronze - silver finish. The mirror will reflect the light and beauty of the rest of the room.



  1. Thanks for the quick preview. I think people would agree that the clean lines really bring everything together.

  2. The clean lines on these pieces are great. The fancy design would probably fit well in a lot of situations.

  3. Oh, I will check her out. Love all those pieces.


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