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Monday, June 6, 2011

Barbara Barry for McQuire ~ Outdoor Furniture

I love Barbara Barry's style. Clean lined, elegant shapes. Her new line for McGuire is no different. Take a look...These pieces are from her Bowmont Collection.

Simply beautiful!


  1. They are simple & elegant pieces

  2. I had not seen this line, the best looking outdoor furniture I've seen! I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Barbara in NYC a few weeks ago, and she wasn't what I expected. I expected someone quite cool and sophisticated. Instead, yes, sophisticated but incredibly warm and generous in a very genuine way. Was very inspiring to see someone so successful and talented have such great grace and kindness.

  3. love this line, clean lines and looks great in most settings! I found some similar patio furniture here: http://www.patiofurniturestation.com

  4. These chairs simple and fantastic furniture to use.............


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