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Saturday, June 25, 2011

BeautifulX2 Curio Tables at Home

Here are my smallest BeautifulX2 Curio Table in ivory in their temporary home. I think they are lovely drink tables. My friend, Pam, thought a grouping of these at varied heights would be fantastic. I couldn't agree more. They were designed to be as such either the same table at varied heights or different size tables grouped together. What did I place inside of them?

Nothing yet. We're getting ready to move so I haven't placed the seashells in them my daughter collected on one of our vacations but I think the off white shells will look splendid on the blue background.

Here is the distressed black one (size 22" diameter) in my client's home. The picture is awful as I forgot my camera so I snapped this with my Blackberry. They look fabulous in the room. A pair flank a floating sofa.

Here is why I love these tables so much... this is going to get personal. Stop now if you do not want to see me naked :)

You may have seen this vignette before in my master bedroom. I replaced the glass and crystal table (you see it off to the left) with the 22" table. I always thought the glass and crystal table was beautiful (still do) but it was just a bit too small ~ disproportionate to the chair and floor vase. Also, I think the bedroom is a very personal place. A place to have see beloved art and memories pertaining to one's relationship with their spouse (partner, lover.... you get the picture). I love this vignette. It is very meaningful and precious to me. The art is of a passionate embrace. Now ~ just below it is...

a picture of me when pregnant with Lauren. Below that inside the table is Jim and mine wedding album. Cheesy?? Maybe but I love stuff like this. Placing precious thoughts and memories together. This vignette is my life with Jim.

That is why I designed the BeautifulX2 Curio Table series. Elegant and sleek on the outside ~ beautiful... and filled with happy memories on the inside ~ beautiful... hence the BeautifulX2 Table.


  1. Paula I love your new tables. It is so perfect in style and colors. I love the white for some reason best!!

    You are right I too believe one's bedroom should be very personal. Wonderful look!

    Art by Karena

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