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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lighting for the Living Room

Today I have a guest post from Arcadian Lighting. When they contacted me about doing a guest post, I was thrilled. I asked them to do a piece about the importance of layered lighting. I think it is critical to illuminate and accent a great design and to be able to complete certain tasks with ease. Take it away Arcadian Lighting...

Lighting any room in your home is more complex than just turning on a single overhead lighting fixture. Yes, a ceiling fixture will provide light for your room, but it will create a boring, flat light that will wash out any sort of ambiance you have created with your furniture and décor. Not to beleaguer ceiling lights, there are many styles and types that work well in a space when combined with other types of light fixtures.

Like furniture and other design elements that we layer to create a warm, inviting, polished space, lighting must also be layered. By choosing a selection of different types of lighting fixtures, you can create lighting “scapes” and zones within your living room. Maybe you like to curl up and read a book in your favorite armchair or watch a movie from the sectional or you've hung art over the fireplace you want to highlight. There is a different type of light for each of these tasks. A combination of ceiling lighting, table lamps, floor lamp and wall lights will bring your room to life. And isn't that what a living room is all about?

Ceiling Lighting

Lighting for the Living Room

Laura Britt Design (via)

Beginning from the top, let's look at lighting on the ceiling. We mentioned the standard ceiling fixture that many of us have in our homes, especially in our bedrooms. From Mission to Modern, Classic to Contemporary, there are many styles to choose from besides builder grade globes. A step up from a ceiling fixture is a chandelier or pendant light. This can be a focal point for your room and add sparkle and glamour to the space. In combination with a central ceiling light or on its own, recessed lighting is a versatile lighting option. Say you want to highlight a painting or a wall of built-ins, create lighting zones for watching movies or entertaining, recessed lights can do it. Put them on zones and dimmers for maximum versatility. The above room is a superb example of using recessed lighting and a central light. But there is something missing -- task lighting.

Task Lighting

Lighting for the Living Room

workshop / apd (via)

While recessed lighting and a chandelier can wash a room in light, you'll want to add lighting closer to the action. A table lamp on a side table or a floor lamp can provide light for reading or other tasks. Table lamps and floor lamps can create a more intimate feeling in the room when they are the sole source of light. Pairs of table lamps or as in this room, with an added floor lamp off to the side, create visual interest in the room as well.

Wall Lights

Lighting for the Living Room

House Beautiful (via)

Not every room needs to have all five types of lighting, but large spaces can benefit from the variety of lighting options. Our fifth suggestion for living room lighting is the wall sconce. In pairs flanking the fireplace or a single one in a small space to provide task lighting, candle sconces create a warm, ambient light. Traditional wall sconces, like in this Southern living room, can also be focal points.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

Thank you Arcadian Lighting for that informative post!


  1. Thank you so much, Paula for letting us do a guest post on your blog. It looks very lovely.


  2. Love the wall lights. Thanks for sharing your post.

  3. Creating lighting scapes is a good idea.

  4. Choosing the right lightning for your living room s very important. You have to consider such things to enjoy a convenient lightning.


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