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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Perks of Susan G. Komen Walk Training

As some of you may know, I doing the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure. I haven't started following one of the prescribed training programs yet but I have been walking. Today my team mates did a 10 mile walk~ too long for me as I haven't walked more than four until today. Today I walked a little over five miles. I feel pretty good. My feet held out, which is a bit surprising. It's my lower back and hips that are a bit sore. Perhaps some of you out there have advice for me. I saunter a bit when I walk so perhaps I haven't learned the fine art of the 'marathon walk with purpose.' If you'd like to check out my walk page, here it is. Feel free to sponsor me with any amount. I will truly appreciate every penny.

I've been wondering if training alone or in a group would be better for me. I have to say that walking alone today was quite enjoyable. First of all it is a lovely day. Temperature is ~65, sunny, no humidity. I walked in my neighborhood , which is quite lovely itself. The grass is a vivid green and all the manicured homes looked splendid. The other thing is that we are in the market to move within our community to a larger home. Walking today led me to find a new house on the market in the style that I adore. I am calling our realtor to set up a tour. Here's the thing... when I was looking intently at this house and I continued to walk, the next house over offered an exquisite site ~ a rippled, shirtless 'V' landscaper with a butt as high as just done saline breasts. Oh my!!

I admit, I gawked. I may have even strained my neck as I continued walking AND my gawking. Wow! I did not get to see his face but I can fill in that blank a dozen times over sustaining my fantasies for at least a couple of months. Please don't place me in the Trump category for sexualizing. I just enjoy beauty in any form if it presents itself to me and man, what a present that was. I pictured that site several times along my walk and thought that if I walked behind him for the 3 day, I'd be wanting a fourth.

So you see the training has benefited me in more ways than one. It benefits me, it benefits others.. a win-win situation.

Tomorrow, I walk again ~ same route of course. I wonder if there was a sign in front of that house with the landscape companies name on it. I didn't see one but my eyes were occupied so maybe I just didn't notice it. Do landscape companies work on Sunday? Hmmm??!!.....

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