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Friday, April 8, 2011

Lauren's Room Transformation Continues

This is where we started. The day the painters were scheduled to come, Lauren kissed each one of the fairies and the unicorn in her mural good-bye and hugged the castle. She was a little sad. I gave her a hug and asked, "Do you want to continue with the transformation?" "Yes Mommy, I do, I just wanted to let them know (the fairies, unicorn, and castle) that I loved having them in my room."

After the painters thoroughly discussed it, they came up with their plan of action and got started...

What a process this was! The owner asked if he could please have pictures of the room when it is complete. Of course! Did I happen to mention my daughter loves PINK??...

We added crown molding to form a distinct break between the pink walls and ceiling. Three shades of pink was used along with pin stripes in black gloss and metallic silver. Where did I get this palette from?...

Her rock star border of course!

Placed at chair rail height. I'm not much into borders but when she saw this one, Lauren said "I have to have it!" Ok my love :)

This is her drape fabric. Simple panels with black and white bobble tassel fringe on the lead edge.

When my Miss Lauren walked into the room after it was painted, her face was priceless. She looked at me and said with a big smile, eyes wide open, "I LOVE IT! Mommy, you're so awesome!" I feel the same way about you my love... every single day.


I haven't joined the party for a while but I think this qualifies for the great start to a metamorphosis ~ BNOTP Metamorphosis Monday!


  1. It looks go cool! I can't wait to see the next steps!

  2. That most certainly is a lot of pink....:}

  3. Rockstar Pink! Brings smiles over here :) Keep it up. It's really nice and inspiring.

  4. I like the pink idea so cool and cute.


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