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Friday, April 8, 2011

Bunny Williams at Market

I really like Bunny Williams' comfortable style so naturally when I read that she was showing her BeeLine Home line at Market, I had to stop in. She was a gracious host and humored me with a picture. Below are a few of her furnishings that I enjoyed. This mirror is so versatile. It can be seen as traditional or contemporary dependent upon the other furnishing in the room. Take a look at the wallpaper. It surrounded you in the showroom and made everything feel so fresh. Love the orderly scroll. Beautiful table. Again, can be placed in just about any style room. One of the things are really loved was her use of linen as the main upholstery fabric. Everything was crisp, simple, and elegant. I really like this chest. See what's on top?? Bunny WAS a wonderful host. She kept a well stocked bar for her customers. I would have partaken accept that I was there at 9:30 in the morning! Love the profile of this chair. Love the wood on this piece. Elegant and refined. VERY comfortable! The regal legs are a nice touch.
I thought this was the sweetest thing ~ love the dog in the wallpaper, love the bowl waiting for him to come alive. Made me smile each time I passed it.
Bunny also did a seminar on Monday. I wanted to go but I did not. Let's just say that closing the club the night before had me a bit under the weather that day... but it sure was fun ;-)

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  1. Great pictures, Paula! She has so many beautiful pieces!! Thanks for sharing.


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