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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


You may have read in a previous post or in my newsletter that I have a client who would like 'castle' style and architecture in their home. This is such an interesting concept to me. I spent much time at Market looking for suitable furnishings, searched antique websites and local dealers, all for a select few that will end up in the design. I decided to also search for castles and their current decor. I found quite a bit on Architectural Digest's website ~ everything from a castle in Kenya to Pierre Cardin's home to England and Scotland... all quite stunning with some similarities and some differences.

Opulence appears to be in abundance in many.

But for others, simplicity reigns.

Gorgeous woodwork and architecture are a common thread, inside...

and out.

Ceilings are never ignored whether they are finished with molding...

or beams ~ they all present their grandeur and elegance.

Furniture can be quite elaborate...

but these castles also show a casual side.

Large is the norm, in scale and motif...

and in scenery.

A lot to take in and digest. I am having fun interpreting and scaling it for a home who's square footage is a bit less than your average castle. Although, THIS home is the most important castle in the world to its occupants and so it shall be to me too.

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