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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

High Point Spring 2011 Palette

It is always fun to go Market and see what palettes get the most attention. I thought for sure that pink was going to have a large following given that it is the pantone of the year. Not so. It did have its day particularly at Pearson... However, the colors that dominated this Market was turquoise and teal. Where is the best place to see the Market palette?? Global Views ~ of course! Their award winning showroom is always done to perfection. Take a look...

The reps working in the showroom all wore this palette as well. They were walking billboards ~ you knew exactly where they worked even when not in the showroom. They also mixed in lime green... Below is a striking palette with lime green, black and white...
The picture does not do it justice. The green just popped. I really loved it. Arteriors was getting in on the turquoise game as well... They also featured red, which I haven't seen in a while. It actually was refreshing to see red in action. I love these little tables. They have a red wash on them that is very well done. I feature red myself for my Beautifulx2 Curio Tables. I little pop of red goes a long way.
Literally the turquoise and teal were everywhere. I wonder when the pink will come into play? We'll have to see what the Fall Market has in store for us.


  1. I cannot believe the staying power turquoise/teal has. We're not ready to let it go yet!

  2. Oh my God! This showroom is heaven on Earth. The turquoise and teal-colored home decors are just the type of accessories I want. It's perfect for any modern, chic, and contemporary living rooms.

    The cirle mirrors on the wall, are they also for sale?

  3. I actually found that the turquoise was featured with a lot of hues of pinks, reds, and oranges at High POint. I love the combination of the warm and cool hue. Jamie Youngs show room was amazing with this color palette and last years turquoise Currey chandelier was this year feature in poppy pink. I'm glad that Turquoise is sticking around for sure and glad to welcome colorful hues back to the market. I am still in love with the neutral palette that has dominated for awhile but this Spring was a breathe of fresh air. The other showroom that really wowed with color...J Douglas!

  4. I was in J. Douglas too! That is a wonderful showroom. I should have paid closer attention to the hues in there. I was too focused on finding certains treasures. I'll look back at my pics to see what I missed.


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