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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nature's Simple Influence

This past weekend, my family and I hiked along the Potomac River. It was a gorgeous day ~ not too hot ~ sunny and crisp in the shade.

There's Jim and Lauren on a fallen tree. It got me to thinking about how nature has influenced so many designs.

Something as simple as a stick can provide inspiration and have impact. Above, my daughter uses one to aid her when she got tired.

So many lovely product designs have been influenced by or merely use the simplicity of a stick. From hardware to lighting to furniture and beyond ~ the stick has made important contributions. Here are just a smattering of examples compliments of Rocky Mountain Hardware, Palecek, Global Views, and Arteriors Home.

Designers often say they want to "bring the outdoors in." Today's selections in the Market let us do this easily. I love bringing in the accents above. They have a way of belonging no matter what the 'style' may be. Likely because they are so familiar, so at ease.

One doesn't even need to make a purchase to achieve the sophistication of the pieces above. Simply find some beautiful sticks of your very own and make a lovely arrangement to accent your home. Photos compliments of Houzz.

Barefoot Contessas Home Kitchen, Recreated  kitchen


  1. I am really drawn to the table with the branch base, and did you notice the shadow on the first photo in the post, on the lower right side, it looks like a shark...I just thought that was interesting! Janell

  2. lots of painting idea cames when looking to photos like this or bieng in a place like tho one on the first photo

  3. I love bringing nature in -- especially with sticks -- the one featured in that gorgeous kitchen is my most favorite. The organic nature of sticks sits perfectly with more symmetrical pieces.

  4. These pieces add a unique interesting look. I am really attracted to the various types of wall art. The chandelier is fascinating but the wall pieces are my favorites.


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