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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hampton Showhouse Moments

I was visiting one of my favorite web places, Traditional Home. and began perusing the 2009 Hampton Showhouse. All of the rooms were lovely. My hat is off to all of those talented designers. It's all in the details ~ right?! Here are a few of the moments I really enjoyed...

Kenneth Alpert and Andrew Petronio
Love the Phillip Jeffries wallcovering in the coffer ceiling. Note the two directions the pattern is laid. Gives the detail more interest.

Brad Ford
How about swinging love seats? The gentle rock one will get seems like it would be so soothing. Not sure I'd let me 7 year old and her friends on them. This detail is just for mommy.

Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller
I love the textures and patterns of this space. So warm and cozy.

Brian Brady and Franco Biscardi
Here it is the freshness, the purity I love. The window treatment detail is a fresh look to the Greek Key. Love the orange pop!

Brian Brady and Franco Biscardi
The Odegard tables in the shower ~ luxury! I have always loved these tables and to see them in the shower is an unexpected great moment.

Jeff Lincoln
The palette is magnificent. I love this room is general. The mixture of patterns and shapes is the bomb for me.

Kate Singer
Palette here too. The lamp shade just strikes me as a mid point emphasis of a great rhythm of green around the room from this view.

Benjamin Bradley and David Thiergartner
Here I like the use of a decorative shelf as a towel holder. Practical and beautiful; the shelf adds depth and dimension to the neutral palette.

Kat Burki
This room gets two pictures. I adore the way the sunlight is seen in this room. I could be the perfect time of day to take the picture but I love the way the light radiates through the sheer drapes.

Kat Burki
The sheers are so feminine it makes me feel pretty.

Skye Kirby
This gentle palette and comfortable furnishings is so inviting, I just want to sit there with a glass of Chardonnay and talk about my day with friends.

Is there a room that speaks to you?

1 comment:

  1. WOW..i mean its all Wow Superb interior designs so chic,the clean lines and curves, the fabric,color scheme of each room, the freshness and the blending of the old and new are stunning!they are soothing to my eyes!inspirational Post! So is the Blog as well..thank you for sharing.


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