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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lauren's First Fundraiser

A while back, my daughter Lauren had an epiphany after the earthquake in Haiti. You may recall that post. Jim, Lauren and I transformed a portion of her play area to a studio so she could work on her jewelry. She wanted to raise money for the the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

This Saturday, Lauren held her first fundraiser. She entitled it Haiti, Kalie, and Me. Lauren raised money for Haiti and Kalie, a young girl in her school with cancer. We invited several of her girlfriends and I spoke to each Mom letting them know what Lauren's was working to accomplish. They all sent their daughters with a little bit of money in their pockets.

It was a lot of fun. The girls made jewelry to take home and each received a free bracelet Lauren had made for them. They ate pizza and cake, the usual kid party food :) Then Lauren opened her jewelry gallery. The girls enthusiastically perused and purchased 99% of Lauren's inventory. The guests really seemed to enjoy themselves and we all talked about what the money will do for Haiti and Kalie.

I think Lauren's first fundraiser was a huge success for a variety of reasons. She raised $50.83. That's my girl!

Thank you to all the guests and their Moms for helping Lauren realize her goal!!


  1. you must be PROUD!!!! First her hair, now her jewelry!!!!! She has her heart in the right place I tell you!!!! I bow for her!!!!

  2. What a very thoughful & caring child, I know you are proud of her!!

    Thank you for entering my New Giveaway from the French Basketeer!!

    Art by Karena


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