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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Itching to Use

Have you ever come across a product you're just itching to use? I came across this one by Whiting & Davis Metal Mesh Fabrics. and I would love to find a project it would have a home in. Here's how it is described...

"It is an intricate weave of interlocking metal links formed from rings of solid brass, aluminum or stainless steel, plated or enameled, and polished to a brilliant finish. This luxurious material ripples through the fingers like liquid gold.... Feel the difference."

I would love to feel the difference. I think I need to order some samples.
I can picture this is a fabulous contemporary home perhaps used as a divider or a textured, shimmery wall treatment. Maybe even a backdrop for a glorious headboard... hmmm... oh the possibilities. The gallery on their website doesn't seem to do it justice. Maybe I can do something about that...

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