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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's Method ~

Has this ever happen to you?

This is a common problem when changing counter tops. No they didn't measure or cut wrong. The fact is that walls are rarely straight. A little separation from the wall in places is normal. Why? Because the stone is cut straight but the wall usually ebbs and flows. That is nothing to worry about as the backsplash will cover those gaps. When it is at the end like this, especially with an ogee edge or other ornate edge, the gap cannot be this large. This gap was more that 1/4 inch. But won't the backsplash cover it? No. Here is an ogee edge.

The back splash stops where the curve begins. You can see that in the very first picture. So the gap will definitely be seen. You can 'fix' it like this...

The installer initially filled the gap with caulk. Once this is cleaned up, it may be ok but if you are taking the time and expense to change your counter tops, please do not fix it in this manner. Good stone cutters are craftmen. They can make a piece to fit perfectly in the gap and seal it with an epoxy that will not show.

There we go! The contractor first noticed the gap and the 'fix' and called me. Hmmm??!! When I saw it, I called my counter place. My rep was on maternity leave so I working with a replacement that clearly did not know my standards. After a short but clear discussion, they gap was properly fixed. I understand his position (BTW, be didn't say a peep, he just fixed it) ~ fixing a gap like this takes a bit of time. Cutting the sliver can be difficult and then a second trip out to the job site to install it = material and labor not accounted for in their price. I get it. No, they never charge to fix it correctly ~ that would be a bad business practice. But they may try to fix it in the least expensive manner. The moral of the story is check closely and if there is a gap too large to be covered by tile or cannot be covered, ask them to fix it to your satisfaction. Caveat ~ I do not use places that advertise a complete counter top package for $19.95 INSTALLED. I cannot vouch for things I do not believe. However any reputable company will want you to be happy and want to give you the very best. If they do not have these wants ~ run in the other direction and tell all your friends.

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