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Monday, May 10, 2010

Timeless Tuesday Number Fourteen

Welcome to Timeless Tuesday #14! Today, I am covering 'jewelry' sort of...

Beaded from PR Guerin

Have you ever changed the knobs or pulls on a piece of furniture or cabinet and saw the incredible change that can happen? I have. By simply changing out the knobs, a piece can have new life. I like giving things new life. It repurposing and that is eco-friendly and that makes it a timeless classic.

A brand new piece of furniture can be made to look like a timeless classic also by selecting knobs that convey this. This is a wonderful thing to know if you are on a budget. The knobs can really be considered the jewelry. We all have varying tastes and styles. Knobs can reflect yours just as the jewelry you wear does. Here are a few examples...

CK-3007 and CK-5005 both from SA Baxter

Clear Glass Bead with Hardware #4 from TE-MA; Louis XVI from PE Guerin

Cockatoo and Peacock Lady both from Notting Hill

Duo Square and Nu Lily both from Susan Goldstick

So you see, one may have classic, whimsical, artistic, contemporary.... the sky is the limit. Knobs and pulls let you show off the real you and the real you is always a timeless classic.

I recently designed a lovely buffet for wonderful clients of mine. The knob I specified is one of the above. I'll give you a hint ~ the buffet is mahogany with antique silver leaf detail. I designed it to have an aged appearance as if it has been around for a spell. Knowing what you know about me and the brief description I just told you, can you pick the knob I am using?

Now it is your turn to share your posts about classics or trends you hope become timeless...

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  1. Hi paula! I am back at work ..I think...the move to new location is killing me as is shopping for furnishings for it! And the travel!! Geesh!! I have linked a post about more "jewelry"...but in the way of glass!

  2. I love clear glass knobs...they certainly are timeless!

  3. I'd like to use glass knobs to transform everyday home decor. The book "Junk Beautiful" by Sue Whitney has a tutorial!

  4. Love the glass knobs. So pretty and transforming.

  5. Love your linky timeless parties!

  6. I love glass knobs too! Those ARE the ones I have specified, Gorgeous ~ yes??

  7. My 75 yr old house in Central Illinois had original glass door knobs, when I moved to Florida, I wanted to take them with me, but thought better of it! Let the new owner enjoy them.



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