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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday Room ~ Shall We Continue?

It was a pretty dreary day for this portion of the tweens installation... the rain was cold, sky dark. Yuk! Here is some the Byron Jorjorian's wonderful photography. The colors are so vibrant but it is not captured here ~ phooey! Remember I said once we have more items in the room, I'd decide on whether the fan blades would need to be painted or not? Well.....

As the lush leaf hued drapes went up, the yellow blades came down. I'll have them painted in the same white as the walls. That will make them pop off the purple ceiling. The wallpaper still has to go up. The fabrics on the bed are the ones you saw all wrapped up last week. The mirrors were installed in both rooms. In this festive room ~ the chaise arrived and guessed who tried it out...

Remember him loving the painters and all their tools....

Yeah, he loves the chaise too. I LOVE the fabric! The mirrors are floor to ceiling opposing the wallpaper and bed. Every female tween needs a full length mirror to see how they look in each and every outfit. I think mom is a bit jealous now ~ she doesn't have a full length mirror ~ yet!

The colors are vibrant but only three repeat in the space ~ purple, dark pink, and green. Each is in the bed fabrics and on the chaise. Others elements in the room that are not neutral are also in these hues ~ drapes, custom rug. The way to add interest is with pattern and texture. You see this grand damask on the chaise nicely complements the striped duvet and other textured solids. Yum!

What about the other room?...

That room also had the woven shades and stationary panels installed. This is Jeff ~ my installer. He was camera shy. Here's his assistant ~ Joe...

I was trying to get him to flash his cool tattoos but he was even more camera shy. Here's a true story... the first time I used these guys, who were highly recommended ~ this is years ago now, when I first saw them I thought, 'These big burly hoodlums are going install my delicate drapes and hang my precious art??!! YIKES!!' And they did ~ with precision and grace. Joe is the best dresser I have ever seen. He makes the drapes look perfect each time with his nimble hands. Jeff and I often go back and forth on how straight the art is. He knows exactly how I want my window treatments and art hung ~ fabulous!

This room got mirrors too...

And the bookcase was placed and art and candle sconces hung but I didn't snap a picture of that ~ sorry.

I don't think there will be much more my friends until June :(

Guess I'll have to look for more well designed rooms to show you and talk about the principles and elements. Maybe I'll show you one of my other projects... decisions, decisions....


  1. Love the floor to ceiling mirrors and the purple ceiling. Great job Paula! Can't wait to see the end result.

  2. Looking good, love how the print lines up on the end of the chaise, great upholstery job! Janell

  3. love the lighting and the chair and ottoman. looks great!

  4. This is great Paula. That chaise is the star of the room. Can't wait to see more!

  5. Love the chaise adn the colors. Lucky girls. Oh it is good to see the guys. I miss them.


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