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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday's Room

dominomag- eclectic pastel living room eclectic living room

This is different type of room from what I am normally drawn to ~ at least palette wise. But this room captivates me and draws me in. I am completely smitten with it. Why? Let me tell you... You know I am a fan of Houzz where I found this lovely photo. I continually go back to Houzz to check my idea folder (I only have one) to see if I am still attracted to what I have placed in there. Some I still love, some I wonder why I even put them in. But this one still makes me smile every time. Why?! It is a happy room with a wonderfully sweet color palette and just enough pop to satisfy me. It also has lovely variety. At first, all I saw was the soft blue. I love blue ~ a big fan. Usually, it is not the powder blue types but I don't see this as powder blue. The wall has a smidge of red in it leaning it toward the lavender and the chair fabric has a touch of gray making it easy on the eye and giving it staying power. Then I noticed the wonderful pinks, green, and orange ~ some not so soft and a great contrast to the blues. A bold motif on the back of the chair serves almost like a wink inferring 'I'm not always a kitten'. The painted panels on the doors give my eye a great rest and interest to absorb. They also add a rhythm dancing across the room. After the colors, panels, and motif, I noticed that all the chairs are different offering unique seating ~ something for everyone. How considerate! All furniture has exposed legs ~ I love nice legs (on almost anything). Soft and sweet, sexy and sassy all at the same time. Hmmm... maybe that's why I can relate so well to this room ;)


  1. I'm a hug fan of Houzz. How did I miss this one? I love the use of a second fabric on the back of the chair. It is those simple touches that make a room exciting.

  2. Beautiful. Love what the print on the back of the chair adds to the room.

  3. You're so right, Paula Grace! I adore the sweet palette, and all the furnishings...it's the kind of room that would be a joy to wake up to :)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hello~

    I just discovered your blog and I really like it. I am going to show my students this blog in the Fall. I teach Art and I think my students will really relate to your posts on balance, which is something we cover. Also, regarding this room: What an apt description. This room is indeed, sweet, tart and like a little kiss.

    Thanks again.



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