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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Same ol', same ol' ~ NOT!

My head is spinning a bit as many new projects have come my way. When writing this brief post, I was practically walking out the door to my latest ~ two tween bedrooms. I am so looking forward to it too! These are ongoing clients whom I adore. So far I have done their kitchen, family room, sun room, powder room, porch and deck. The next room was to be the dining room (I actually already found the table in my other travels) but a call from the lady of the home reported that plans have changed ~ its the tweens turn. It's interesting these client have a similar color palette to the one above but the end results are so different. I posted on them ~ just the powder room ~ so far.

A while back, I showed you the Robert Allen Larry Laslo fabric above as the inspiration fabric for one of my latest projects. I have done this color palette many times. Folks just love it. Why? It's classic. At the top is the inspiration fabric with it's family. These will be in the family and keeping rooms (see furniture plan below). The Laslo fabric will be pillows; the wide silk stripe is the drapes. The solid neutral fabrics and leather are large furniture pieces; the solid green and other patterned ones (herringbone and coral-like) are accents. This palette will never retire as there are so many fabrics to select from. Each design remains fresh and unique.So what do you think of the palette? What other favorite classic palettes come to mind for you?

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