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Saturday, January 2, 2010

What would you like to hear about?

It's a new year! The sky is the limit! Have you made any resolutions? I have! One is to ask my readers what they would like to hear about on my blog this year.

Don't be shy! Just ask! If you have design questions or would like for me to cover certain related topics, just let me know. Let me know what you need or want!

Come on ~ it's easy! I want to know more about ________. Please write about_________. Just fill in the blank.

Tell you what, when I use your question or topic, I'll shout it out that it was yours ~ on Twitter, Facebook, and of course, in the post!

It's going to be a fantastic year!


  1. I'd love to see what your home looks like!

  2. I have a small fireplace that is totally out of scale in my two story great room. What can be done? I'd love if you would tackle readers questions, similar to the one I posed.

  3. Sure thing Karen. Scale is an important element in design so I will be happy to cover that using your problem as the example. Can you email me pictures?

  4. I would like to know more about choosing paint colors and decorating with wood trim. We have a house that has wide wood trim in excellent condition, we can't justify painting it white. I have a difficult time choosing paint colors. Thanks! ~Lisa


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