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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thursday's Room

Thursday's Room is a new series I am starting ~ I've been doing that a lot lately ~ getting organized. I've had to because business is good and I am finding it hard to post daily. So I have decided to organize my week as such:

1) Monday's Method ~ interior design advice for my readers. Send me a question and if you have a couple of pictures to illustrate, send those too ~ paula@paulagracedesigns.com.

2) Timeless Tuesday ~ a party on all types of timeless classics. The official kick-off is February 2nd. I am so excited about it ~ a gathering of beauty in one place!

3) Wednesday ~ Hump Day! Here's a day for you to further peruse Monday's Method and all the lovely folks that linked to Timeless Tuesday.

4) Thursday Room ~ here I will take a room and briefly discuss it utilizing the principles and elements of interior design.

5) Fun Friday ~ that will continue. Friday is my day to talk about anything from music to comedy to handsome men to...... what ever it is, it will be fun!

If something comes up that I simply must post about, I'll just fit it in ~ like on hump day.

Anyway, getting back to Thursday's Room, the space at the top is done by Mariette Himes Gomez and was featured in Architectural Digest. Here it is again.

I love this room. This is quite a large room but rather than filling the room with large scale furniture, she created zones ~ two distinct seating areas sharing a console between them. This is a wonderful use of space. By centering the console with the portable lamps, two people may lay on the sofas on either side and read quite comfortably. Having the two zones provides much seating during gatherings but each area has an intimate feeling well positioned for conversation.

What Ms. Gomez does take full advantage of is the vast wall space. She chose a piece of art well proportioned to the room anchored by a long console. This grouping along with the window beside it, balances the the expanse of the windows & doors opposing it. The remaining furnishing are symmetrical giving this a regal appearance but without pomp and circumstance.

There is no mistaking the focal point of this room either. The gradation from the ottoman, to the sofa, to the lamps, to the fireplace and the art above is perfect. The rhythm carries your eye from floor to ceiling ~ and what a ceiling! This is a monochromatic room with plenty of visual interest. The vaulted, beamed ceiling full of texture and fantastic lines takes one soaring amplified by the elegant wrought iron chandeliers.

The colors are neutral allowing the pillows to be the pop and the art and outdoor scenery to take center stage. The space plan is open, airy, traffic paths free and clear. Note the line on each piece of upholstery ~ straight to not hinder one's view from anywhere in the room.

Now we all know that Mariette Himes Gomez is a fabulous interior and product designer but this room really caught my eye ~ the rhythmic gradation is perfection in my eye and she allowed the natural light to bath the room. These make this room truly a work of art for me.

What else do you see my friends? Can you see yourself enjoying this space?


  1. Just found your blog and I love your game plan for the week! Congrats on your successful business. Your work is beautiful.

  2. What nice BONES that room has. Of course Ms. Gomez does an incredible job of filling this space, but I'd be happy if it were only filled with floor pillows--and maybe a large sheepskin rug!!!

  3. What a beautiful room. I only wish I could see it from every angle.


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