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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dream with a View ~

I was perusing one of my favorite sites/magazines, Architectural Digest. I came across this amazing penthouse apartment owned by Nick and Christian Candy. These brothers are the proud owners of Candy & Candy interior design and property development business. Guess where this penthouse is? None other than the luxury capital ~ Monte Carlo. This penthouse is architecture and interior design at its finest hour. The end result is glamorous but not garish. Masculine and feminine but never to an extreme.

This is the two story library. The ceiling and woodwork detailing is amazing. I adore the contrast of dark wood with light walls & ceiling. It expands the room even further. The floor is exquisite.

This glorious dining room is aching for a party. The illumination from the crystal chandeliers plus the reflective ceiling is lovely.

I love the bench swing. It looks large enough to lay on and be gently swayed in the breeze.

This elegant desk has an amazing view. I would use it as a vanity. I would adore putting on make-up bathed in natural light and relaxed by the sea.

This is one of the best understated glamorous bedrooms I have ever seen. The golden neutral hues are breathtaking to me. The upholstered wall serving as the back~drop for the bed is striking. A simple diamond pattern ~ beautiful!

I love this masculine bedroom but note the incredible vanity with the large round mirror. The scale of the mirror is awesome and fits right in with the restrained grandness.

Sumptuous bath and dressing room. Simply incredible.

Now this is amplified by the architecture and the use of light. Of course the designer thought of everything even the important use of light for an evening under the stars ~ without ever missing a step.

The lead designer on this project was Martin Kemp. Well, Mr. Kemp, I take my hat is off to you. Your palette and selections are perfect for me. You could have walked right through the door of over the top glam ~ but you chose not to. You didn't even need to knock on the door to achieve greatness. In Monte Carlo, that takes some moxie. Bravo, bravo!


  1. Can you get us an invite. Tell them we will only stay for a few days!

  2. Oh wouldn't that be the girls' trip of the century! Stay in that penthouse in MONTE CARLO!!!! Dare to dream!!!!

  3. Its funny, I saw the picture and recognized it immediately to be Monte Carlo...one of the most opulent places I've ever visited. And it seems the interiors are just as opulent...

  4. This is such a gorgeous post, Paula Grace! I really enjoy this place.

  5. Love the bench swing and the dressing room.


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