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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Cabinet Anchor

Skye Kirby ~ Elle Decor

There is something quite lovely about having memories surround you. There is also something quite grounding about a large cabinet anchoring a space. This is why I love display cabinets. They can be the anchor of any room. Not always the focal point, but in a grand supporting role. You don't always need to see inside to know they hold something important.

Alessandra Branca ~ Elle Decor

Darryl Carter ~ Elle Decor

Symmetrical cabinets can add grandeur to any room...

Scott Slarsky and Katarina Edlund ~ Elle Decor

Rose Anne de Pampelonne ~ Elle Decor

Here are a few of my favorites...
Barbara Barry's Open Oval China Cabinet ~ Henredon
The 732 Dolls Cabinet ~ Sarreid
Lorenzo Cabinet ~ Hickory Chair

Vauxhall Cabinet ~ Hickory Chair
Barbara Barry's Looking Glass Cabinet ~ Henredon

French Window Oak Cupboard ~ Sarreid

Here's my living room ~

In the left side of the cabinet, a portion of my mother's crystal collection, the right side, a wine bar, in the middle, glass art that I adore, and on top, three diamond cut vases symbolizing my family (my husband, daughter, and myself). Surrounded, grounded, anchored. I love this room ~


  1. I really enjoy this post, Paula Grace!

    I have not yet focused my attention on statement cabinets, but now, I find I'm quite curious about them. I recall seeing your beautiful set and loved how they seemed to ground the space so perfectly. (as you mentioned) I like the versatility and curiosity of them...

    My favorite examples shown are: the room by Scott Slarsky and Katarina Edlund, featured in Elle Decor, and Barbara's looking glass cabinet. The shape of it is so classic, yet so interesting. I know that I would never tire of it. (Must bookmark for future reference!)

  2. Hi Paula! Loved your post and the gorgeous rooms! Now I would take almost any one of those lovely cabinets! Your living room is my favorite though. Your cabinets are so lovely and those three vases on top are so pretty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Great post. It's ironic that I am in the progress of trying to find a cabinet for my family room.

  4. Your living room is stunning! It looks perfectly at home amoung the other beautiful examples you've shown. And anything by Barbara Berry...what taste.

  5. Well Miss PLZ, my studio's library is at your disposal :)

  6. That first one you posted is gorgeous.

    I really struggle with arranging items for display. I'd love to see a post with your tips for chic home display.

  7. You know Stefanie (aka Mrs. Limestone), display is truly an art. Thanks for the post idea ~ I was just thinking about doing one for displaying books. I can broaden it.

  8. Mrs Limestone, Paula,is really good at display. Give them tips girl.


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