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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Orange You Happy To See Me?

Orange was another popular color at the last High Point Market. I really like these stools. Here is the thing about orange and me ~ I really like it ~ in moderation. One of my clients wanted to paint her family room in an open concept house orange. It was actually a lovely color. I explained the need for flow in an open concept house and discussed using the hue throughout, since she loves it so much, but not putting it on the walls. She likes that idea. Phew!

Here is the fabric that is the jumping off point for the design.....

Robert Allen: Aquavite ~ Fire Opal (a Larry Laslo design)

I am loving how that design in coming along. I have done several designs with a color palette of orange, green, and neutrals. So much is out there now in variations of this palette that each design remains fresh and distinct.

Take a look at these two pictures. One I like very much; one I would grow tired of. Can you guess which is which and why?

Photos compliments of Living Etc.


  1. Hum, I wonder!?!!

    The fabric is beautiful, and those stools...too fabulous. The project sounds very interesting, it is a good thing you convinced the client not to paint her walls orange!

  2. I completely agree with you -- the floor seems like too much orange. I much prefer pillows, or a signature piece, or even just flowers...

    Orange is beautiful, but moderation not only makes the color stand out, but it makes it more special, and you won't have to worry about tiring of something permanent. I'm so glad your client agreed with your wise point. They will thank you in the end!


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