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Friday, February 4, 2011

William Yeoward

I have to say I am truly smitten. I had the pleasure of attending the debut of William Yeoward furnishings in the United States the other day. It was a lovely event held in the Edward Ferrell & Lewis Mittman Showroom at the Washington Design Center. William did a "dry run" of his presentation on his new fabric line with Osborne & Little. He was going to NYC for the formal bash ~ we were his "guinea pigs" as he put it. I was happy to be one. First I'll say what I love about William; then I will tell you what I love about his creations.

William was the most gracious host I have ever seen. He was rearranging furniture to ensure people would be comfortable; he was taking the guests empty plates away; he wore jeans. I would live in jeans if I could. William was self-depreciating and humble. I have met people with half of his talent and success with egos the size of Minnesota; who wouldn't look at you when they spoke. I assure you I will not use their product lines in my designs. But William was down right endearing AND he is incredibly talented. His new fabric line was inspired by where he grew up ~ Cornwall, England. He treated us to pictures of Cornwall and how the fabrics relate. His brother was also in the pictures, which, of course, made it all the more personal.

William has many product lines. Sometimes when designer get too diversified, the magic can be lost. Not so here. Here has upholstery, case goods, pillows, accessories, and crystal. Now that is a man after my own heart. You know I have an affinity for glass and crystal and William did not disappoint. I also love embroidered pillows. William's are gorgeous and all done by hand.

His fabrics are lush and real. The cottons and linens he introduced were amazing. They are robust and beautiful.

I fell in love with his Pila Chair. Here's an important point ~ I sat in many of his chairs. They are comfortable! The Pila Chair in particular was very much so. Here is another point I love ~ you can dress his upholstery up or pare in down to accommodate any room in your home. Take a look...

The Pila Chair on the left is currently displayed in the EF & LM showroom. That is a fabric for last year's collection (I love it!). This version is formal. Now look at the one on the right ~ this is casual done with his new earthy fabrics. Each equally lovely. Why? It's the shape of the chair. Graceful. The back wraps around you. Look at this detail picture...

I love the little touch of the solid fabric surrounded by the nail head. Beautiful!

William seems to often use two fabrics on his furniture. That is another detail that I enjoy. It makes the piece interesting and can provide a gentle pause to a highly patterned fabric.

William has wonderful books as well. Click on each to get them...

He is mindful and talented. I definitely will be using his lines.

He's just that good!


  1. Really love those chairs, such graceful lines. Sounds like it was a fun day!

  2. Thank you for joining us at William's tea, Paula!


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