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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pops That Work For Me

Queens contemporary bedroom

My daughter would love this. That's her pink. My only question is where is the lighting?

Bergen Street Residence contemporary living room

I love the coral accent in this room. It develops a lovely rhythm across the room. The flowers are very well placed.

Corbett Venetian contemporary living room

I know, I know but I just can't take my eyes off this picture. The sofa with the chandelier just work for me. Would I have this in my home? No. But I'd really like to visit this home. I bet they are fun!

DENIER contemporary living room

The red is fantastic! The photographer was genius to incorporate the car lights.

willow decor mls greenwich home listing contemporary living room

And THAT is what art can bring to a monochromatic room.

I am working right now in a monochromatic master bedroom to bring in some color. I have just the thing for this bedroom. I'll share as I go.

I do love the pop. It just ignites the room. It doesn't have to make the room go up it flames if one doesn't want it to. A subtle pop that simmers and brings a gesture of heat will do.

Photos compliments of Houzz.


  1. Fantastic photos! I love splashes of color, and I am not even a big fan of pink or purple. I never thought that yellow would would work with purple.
    Love the sheers with horizontal stripes that are just perfect for this room.

  2. Great pictures, Paula! Love the turquoise and orange. That color combo is showing up more and more these days.

  3. I may not have the confidence to have a purple sofa, but I do love the look of a jolt of bright color in a neutral room. The coral is one of my favorites.


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