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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Then and Now ~

If you have been following for a while you may remember a post on my daughter and I standing the same way. It always amazes me when I see myself in my daughter ~ even when she's having a melt down, I see myself (that's when I say "Oh dear!").

Here is Lauren's pose and then mine. We have the same body type ~ long and lean...

I guess that is a bit of then and now. I must have stood the same as Lauren does now.

Here is a REAL then and now... via Facebook, I was connected to old classmates from middle school. Yes, middle school. I was able to look at folks then and now. I had a few surprises but none as much as looking at myself...

That's me ~ top right picture in the middle. It's a bit difficult to see. I am sitting but you can still get a sense of what I look like. Here I am today...

The picture of me standing at Market and this one shows me that I haven't changed all that much from middle school. Even my hair is similar. Oh boy! This is either the longest rut or a saving grace. I'll let you decide ;-)


  1. I think there's so much in our kids that and we may not notice until we have an a-ha moment and realize oh, she has the same mannerisms!

    And here's a kicker for you... her costume looks exactly like one I wore when I was about her age! Black with bright pink fringe and sequins all over! Though we had headbands to match - very 60-70's! Oh, if I could find a picture!

  2. Very true Nan. I love having aha moments mostly but I have had a few where my less than stellar behaviors come right back at me. All I can do is adjust my manners and pray! Her costumes HAS a head band. She just doesn't have it on. How funny!

  3. You are lovely, Paula Grace! So classically beautiful... and little Lauren is too sweet for words—she IS lucky to have such a wonderful Mum :)


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