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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday's Room ~ The Art of Conversation

Andy Skurman

Today I am not going to focus on one specific well-designed room. I'm going to focus more on an art ~ the art of conversation at a lovely dinner party. This is where radial balance makes such a statement. I have written about radial balance before. There is no better place to realize it than in one's dining room. Take a look.....

Andy Skurman

Everyone is able to see each other equally well...

Craig Wright published in Architectural Digest

There is a feeling of togetherness...

Andy Skurman

Of belonging...

F. Pierpont Davis published in Architectural Digest

It is much cozier and welcoming with the round table.

I am craving to do a dining room with a big, beautiful round table. The tweens rooms I am doing right now are for clients that I will likely be doing their dining room shortly. It was supposed to be next on their list but the tweens spoke up and you know how that goes. So, the tweens first; then the dining room.

We already discussed the design a bit. She wants a big round table to seat her family for holidays. Alrighty ~ I can do that. I already found the table I would like to use...The Sheraton by Hickory Chair. I love that it is large but without great mass. I want to surround it with upholstered chairs for extreme comfort, which will add more mass and nicely balance the table.

That's my 'room' for today ~ designed with radial balance ~ rooms primed for the art of conversation.

What would we be talking about at dinner?


  1. Agreed! I love a large round table for open conversation. I think I would prefer it to any other table, in fact. I would love to escape to room 04 and set up a beautiful dinner for family and friends...

    What a thoughtful post -- I enjoyed it greatly :)

  2. I love the white room and the smaller round table.
    I also love the wall colors in the before and after picture.
    Creating a friendly space to encourage conversation is of ultimate importance.


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