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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thursday's Room

Ok, before I go any further, I have to say I don't think this is a fluke. I think I am simply drawn to her designs. I was leafing through my stash of inspiration rooms for today's post. I stopped dead at this one. I stared at it for a long while taking it in. There are similarities to last week's room. There should be. The wood plank ceiling for one (but she carries them down on the walls in this room). I am strangely attracted to wood ceilings right now. Maybe it's being surrounded by natural elements, maybe its a little like being in a safe cocoon ~ not sure.

This in my opinion, this is the epitome of rustic chic ~

The designer, once again, the amazing Mariette Himes Gomez. This room was published in Architectural Digest in June 1999. I point out June 1999 because that was ten plus years ago and the room is still brilliant even with all the new fangle things out there. It's timeless. Hmmm... maybe I should have saved this one for Timeless Tuesday.

Now let's discuss the P&E's (principles and elements).

This is a large scale room. She brings into better perspective with the wood ceiling and walls. I adore how she floated the bed framed with logs. Then carefully placed large scale pieces of wood around and over it. The curved ones almost appear as hands reaching out and draped ever so gently with gauzy fabric. God-like if you ask me. This vignette is in perfect proportion to the room.

And talk about emphasis ~ that is one fine focal point. There is also lovely harmony ~ the rustic, wood surfaces unifying the room made better with her use fabric for soft diversity. Shape, form and line play important rolls. The horizontal lines of the ceiling and floor tend to make one feel secure. The free forming branches provide the rest for a full range of emotion ~ angled in some areas for action / excitement, curved in other areas for comfort, and vertical for the feeling of expanse ~ God-like. The shapes and forms compliment each other and are well proportioned.

Color and light are critical here. With all this wood, the room still appears bright because of the light (light enters the room from three sides), the neutral hues of the canopy that allow light to pass, and bed linens. The green chair, a color from nature, is also light as are the floors. If more vivid color were used, the room would take on a much different feel. Imagine the canopy being different colors or dense such that the light couldn't pass. What would the room feel like then? I also adore how the ceiling and floor run perpendicular to each other. If they were parallel, I think that would be overwhelming (or a bowling alley look ~ not too chic for a master bedroom).

This room could very well have been overwhelming but with Mariette's gentle hand ~ not even close.


  1. Paula,
    Mariette's work is timeless. Love the bedroom, as you say, like a cocoon!

  2. I enjoyed reading your breakdown of all the elements in the room and why they work. I didn't notice that the floor and ceiling wood run in a different direction until you mentioned it...sorry I missed your linky party! Next Week! Janell

  3. I think this room works very well. It is the textural elements and the flow of the design. It is not easy to handle expansive areas...whether it is is in the "volume" of the room..meaning height etc or just sheer square footage..can be tough. But this is gorgeous!

  4. Gentle is the perfect word for it! What a serene haven...I see what you mean about the horizontal lines -- somehow, it just works and seems perfect.

    What a beautiful post on an incredibly talented lady. I have read a few articles/seen her work in Architectural Digest, but not this lovely room. So glad you shared :)

  5. What a beautiful room! Thank you for your analysis of the room. You highlighted features that I overlooked. I love the contrast between the rustic nature of the bedframe and the light linens/canopy. Thanks for sharing! Lisa

  6. Wow! Gorgeous room! I love how you dissect it all - I'm learning so much.

  7. She is a phe nom. I have used MHG and Suzanne Kasler's Hickory Chair collections the most in my designs.


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