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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thursday's Room

I seem to be looking at a lot of dining rooms lately. I think it is because I am itching to have a dinner party. This one by Charles Allem, principal designer for CAD International, published in Architectural Digest caught my eye. It doesn't have the round table that I am drawn to but this octagon table is quite chic. I like the way the angles are used to place a dinner guest at the table.

The first thing I notice is the scale and proportion of the room, table, and that magnificent light fixture. The direct linear relationship appeals to me and the horizontal balance is comforting. I have always been attracted to long and lean objects. Perhaps it mirrors my own image being 5'8" and lean. The shape of the table and shape and form of the chandelier pair well. Unusual enough for maximum interest.

This particular chandelier not only illuminates but add textures, depth, and dimension to the fifth wall in the room and highlights the simple architectural detail. I see it as the focal point with the table as a close second. The remaining furnishings are in supporting roles ~ simple and elegant.

I also enjoy the neutral palette. If you read my blog, you know I love neutrals. They allow you to pop with color or a detail such as this chandelier. If the palette had more color or the drapes and chairs pattern, it would detract from the focal point(s).

The room as a whole is elegant yet comfortable, chic yet cozy. I think that can be a hard combination to achieve. Apparently not for Mr. Allem. Bravo!


  1. Gorgeous - I can just imagine the beautiful light that would fill that room at night...

  2. The light fixture is unlike any I've ever seen, stunning! I always enjoy reading your posts where you break down the elements of a room...very insightful! Janell

  3. I love the chairs especially. Table top too fussy for personal taste but you are right...the scale is very good and I find this is something that many homeowners and even designers miss out on...they may have beautiful textures, fabrics, furnishings but they miss the boat on overall scale of the room and how to dress it.

  4. Be you tee full. Can I come to the dinner party?

  5. Yes Kristin, you may come any time you'd like :)

  6. What a fabulous space. I love that chandelier.


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