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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thursday's Room

Today I am not speaking about one room. I was captivated by one of the rooms in this magnificent apartment but after reading the story, the whole place captivated me.

This beautiful creation was done by the ever talented Hariri & Hariri Architecture and published in Architectural Digest. These knowledgeable ladies were able to do the near impossible ~ turn an upscale Manhattan high rise apartment into an eco-friendly home. Please read the story in AD; what they did is practically unheard of ~ but they did it any way. Moxie. I like that. What stands out for me is space, scale and proportion. They opened up the space in several ways to reveal Manhattan and then populated the expanse with large scale, well proportioned furnishings.

Clearly this 'tree-hugger's' home is not short of glamour. Imagine having a dinner party on a clear night then being serenaded with that view. Breathtaking.

It is not short of refinement. Clean lines, elegant materials, pop of color.

It is not short of beauty. This tranquil spa bath is a far cry from 'crunchy.'

It is not short of functionality. How thoughtful ~ if they tire or run into writer's block, they can simply lay down and look at NYC for relaxation and inspiration.

It is not short of awe. Last Friday, I did a post on fantastic views to awaken to. I showed views of nature and ocean. This view is equally spectacular.

Doubters of elegant eco-friendly living ~ take note!

If Hariri & Hariri can turn this high-rise apartment into an sophisticated eco-friendly dwelling then there are such things as miracles. I believe, I believe....

I feel a tweet coming on....


  1. I just read the article and had to come back and leave a comment. How surprising,(the green aspect) and I thought the comment in the article about less than stellar interiors coasting on the view in many new developments was very interesting. I recently viewed one of the best (ie, most expensive) penthouses on the market in Portland with a potential client and when I peeled my eyes away from the view what did I see? Cheap cabinetry, poor quality flooring paired with expensive appliances. Keep the obvious good, ignore the rest.

    Back to this property, love what they did and on a decorating note, love the pop of orange in the kitchen!

    Thanks for sharing this article! Janell

  2. I'm in awe of the view that they have of NYC. Which month of AD was this in?

  3. What a beautiful, chic home!

    I, too, believe that conscious effort can be taken, when deciding on what to purchase for your home. Was this in the most recent issue of AD? With Jennifer Aniston? I am patiently waiting to read it, as my Mom gets to go through it first *wink* (she purchases them)

    I think my favorite room in this place is the living area -- it remains very streamlined, but cozy. Thanks for sharing, Paula Grace, and encouraging smart decision making.


  4. You know, I think I need to change the color of my links. The link to the article in AD is nin the first paragraph but I'm not sure folks can see the gray lettering for the link vs. the black. I'll change the link color now and then you can easily click and read :)

  5. March 2010 so stay tuned for the hard copy :)

  6. Hi Pretty Paula! Oh, I'm almost dizzy looking at this gorgeous place. Can you imagine living in this place and just walking up to the window and feeling like you're going to fall off the face of the earth? I'm afraid it would scare me as beautiful as it is. But at night - oh, I can only imagine.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Thank you I'll check it out. I only read the Jennifer Aniston article. Her view was gorgeous but I just felt it the house itself was 1970 revisited. I guess that was her goal.


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