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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beam Me Up

I am digging these beamed ceilings. There is something so natural and warm about them. The ceiling in this room is particularly high so something needed to be done to make the space more human versus God-like. Wonderful solution! Here are more examples of what I consider well-done beamed ceilings....

In the above example, they painted the wood ceiling and beams white. Very clean and crisp. Yet a lot of interest and texture. They brought back in the natural with the use of the wicker shades. Brilliant!

Beamed ceilings can be very elegant when paired with more formal architectural elements. Love that picture.

Here again, the beamed ceiling is painted white likely to have it behave in a more expansive manner but the texture and pattern remain. Clean and crisp but paired with worn elements that bring back the warm and natural feel.

What do you think ~ beam me up or bury them?

Photos compliments of Living Etc.


  1. I love the last image. I really like the look of exposed beams.

  2. Love beams, painted or natural...any way you do them. All the images are beautiful.

  3. Morning, Beautiful Paula! Well, I can really relate to these beams. We live in an olden 1970 home and the ceilings are not very high and in our den where we spend the majority of our time - we have beams. When we bought our house there was dark wood paneling on the walls and dark wood beams. It made me feel the ceiling was falling on us. It took me ten years to convince my hubby that we should, must paint! Well, we did and painted those dark on top of my tiny head beams and walls. Much better. I guess I do like beams - especially if they're painted! :)
    Merry Christmas and no, I've bought two gifts! I've got to hurry! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I say beam me up! Those rooms are beautiful!

  5. Well "Beam me up" I'd say! I ADORE beams and millwork on ceilings in general, it is often such an overlooked surface. Give me a good carpenter for a week (or so!) and I'd be in heaven.

  6. Beams all the way!! I adore them...

    My Dad is a contractor of many types of buildings, and I adore when his men are working on a reno on an older building...the character is just unreal -- like beams! Such a great, bold feature to have in the home...


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