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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'By the Sea'

The bathroom above by Harry Heissmann was inspired by sea shells. Hear him describe it below.

Source: Kohler

I have often found rooms inspired by the sea or use shells as accents. Most are beach houses but I myself have used shell or coral inspired pieces as accessories for homes not close to water. I think there is something quite soothing about the sea that draws people in. I and others have wanted to create that environment. It drew designer Mark Cutler in...

Source: Point, Click, Home

Mark does not use typical sea inspired colors but the accessories used relates the room to the sea. And why not?!! There are so many furnishings out there to use to create a beach-like atmosphere whether one is near water or not. It may be a subtle nod toward the sea or a copious use of the theme. Look at these furnishings and let your imagination fly.....


Source: Worlds Away


Source: Beach Grass Cottage


Source: The Julie Anne Collection by The James Company


Source: Capel Rugs


Source: Global Views


Source: Robert Allen

So if a touch will do for you, then subtle...

If it's the cat's meow for you, then copious...

Source (last three photos): Country Living

I could design a room just from the furnishings in this post!

What's your preference ~ subtle or copious?

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  1. I prefer subtle touches during the summer months, like a silver shell on a coffee table.

  2. Subtle, I find that requires more creativity. The bathroom image is stunning, very dramatic. Janell

  3. I have always loved shells and will use them copiously or subtley....any way I can!


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