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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For every season

You may recall my interview with Byron Jorjorian, the wonderful nature photographer. I featured some of his work too. He sent out this lovely holiday photo to wish season's greetings. Isn't it beautiful?! I also noticed that he now has his very own blog. It was in the making when I interviewed him. How wonderful! Now I can keep up to date with Byron. I so enjoy his photography. I am imagining a wall of his work depicting all the seasons.....

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

One of his photographs would be an excellent gift for the nature lover or artist on your list! Take a look at his work; I'd love to hear what your favorites shots are!


  1. that is gorgeous! Far too many to choose but I do really like the Walk Through TN series.. and the photo showing the road with 2 trees in the background and a rail post(?) fence on the side.

    They really are lovely!

  2. What a talent, I am drawn to his "Leaf Collection". Stunning. (I have a thing about leaves...)


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