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Monday, March 22, 2010

Timeless Tuesday ~

Yes, it's Timeless Tuesday. Today I am covering quality. Quality will always be timeless. It is one of the characteristics that is truly eco-friendly. Yesterday, I wrote about John Strauss ~ the wonderful furniture maker who also happens to produce high quality eco-friendly pieces. There is no compromise. That is how I feel about almost all exceptional quality pieces. If they last your lifetime and can be passed on to the next generation, that my friends is eco-friendly ~ longevity. That is why antiques are 'green.'

During the Washington Design Day that I was able to attend, I made a point of being at Stark Carpet. They had their supervising craftsman there showing us literally how they hand stitch their Wilton. He spoke about rugs coming back to their factory years after being purchased ~ not for repair ~ but for resizing or perhaps removing the border an affixing another one to compliment the customer's current palette (maybe the customer was the next generation that inherited the rug).

The meticulous work is evident rug after rug after rug.

They also have wonderful transitional designs made in the same timeless manner...

Quality ~ it will always be a classic. Strive for it every time you purchase a piece.

Now it is your turn to share your classics or trends you hope become timeless...

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  1. Hey Paula! I added a post about laundry rooms because I think they are neglected....you need quality in this space as well because heck, we spend a lot of time in there!

  2. Cherly ~ Well I certainly do spend a lot of time in there! Thank you!!

  3. Paula, pleased to be joining you for the first time. I know Wiltons well and have cut down many a rug myself, reattaching borders. It's a very rewarding experience to recreate a rug. I have before and afters on the site - enter "cut down heirloom rug" in our search box -- I think you will enjoy it! I am posting about rugs for todays link up and enjoyed seeing your article about the Wiltons.

    Jane T. at Atticmag

  4. Great idea for a party! Thanks so much for hosting :) I am completely obsessed with old/vintage furniture....can't bear to let it sit there unused.....so I'm constantly putting a coat of paint on everything to give it new life!


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