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Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun Friday ~ Before and After

I thought it would be fun to come full circle this week and see before and after pictures of this powder room. This is in the home of the client that I spoke about in my Monday blog. She loves the green and orange mix and has for years. Nicolette did a blog on copper a while back and I commented that I am using a copper sink vessel in a project. I said I would take some pictures. Here they are ~ with my little Canon. When Bob comes, my professional photographer, I am sure he will know how to shoot a powder room with two big mirrors and perhaps use a wide angle lens so you may see more of the room at one time. I on the other hand was a bit challenged. I am even in some of the shots ~ mirrors ~ what can I say.

First, before shots. This is before we did anything at all....

When we painted the public spaces, we painted the powder room the lovely pale green we used in the family and sun rooms. I took more pictures as we were getting ready to design it....

We added a beautiful vanity with storage and copper sink vessel, chrome fixtures and accessories, the lovely aluminum vases (still awaiting their sprigs), large scale art and mirrors (one full length & one for the vanity both custom framed in copper), and a fabulous pendent (there was no ceiling fixture previously), and an area rug atop their beautiful hardwood floor. After.....

I actually took these pictures today. Just a few more touches and the powder room will be done. We started discussing the design for her dining room ~ I am excited!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lazy Susan ~

I adore this lamp. I am going to place these in my daughter's room. She loves pink, I love jewels ~ here is a perfect match.

Lazy Susan is a new account of mine. In my area the houses tend to be on the larger size. I have many clients that move from smaller homes into larger ones. Usually they have to furnish rooms they never had and/or add to the furnishing they do have. This could mean several items need to be purchased to complete the home. Sound expensive? Well, it can be unless quality products are found with a great price point. So, I went in search of..... Lazy Susan fills that need for accessories. Beautiful items, great quality, excellent price point. Happy, happy, happy!

Lazy Susan specializes in accessories of all types ~ vases, candle holders, trays, accent lighting and tables, picture frames, hand blown glass, boxes, finials, jars ~ all sorts of items that help define a room. In my opinion, rooms are not complete without their accessories. They are like the perfect diamond earrings to go with the little black dress; the Gucci shoes that complete the outfit; the twist of lemon in the Cosmopolitan.....

These are a sampling of items available through The Beautiful Home Store.

I know where I am doing my Christmas shopping this year.....

Facebook and Twitter friends ~ take a look for your 'Gem.'

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Hampton Designer Showhouse

I was going to do a story on this showhouse but Heather has it covered. That was easy! She takes better pictures than I :) Check it out ~

Charity Spotlight ~ Wishing Well Foundation USA

This charity highlight is on the Wishing Well Foundation USA, Inc.

A percentage of the profits from The Beautiful Home Store is donated to this wonderful organization.

Their mission: "Wishing Well Foundation USA Inc., was founded on the premise that children with life threatening illnesses are denied the basic right to grow into adulthood. For these unfortunate children, The Wishing Well Foundation will fulfill the fondest wish of any child not expected to reach age 18. Each wish, the child's very own, must be completed while the child is able to enjoy the wish to the fullest extent. Both the child and family will share in the experience and create happy memories together. The Wishing Well Foundation is committed to this single purpose."

How the Foundation started: "Confronted with the tragedy of a family friend with a terminally ill child, the founders, Elwin and Lisbeth LeBeau, comforted their friend as best they could as their friend's child's life slowly ebbed away. That experience left an impression in the LeBeau's lives which caused them to wonder about other critically ill children and their families...families financially unable to provide their ill child with anything other than the basic needs.

Responding to that thought the LeBeau’s learned about some of the charitable organizations reaching out to these children and their families. But as Lisbeth so aptly states, "Can there be too many groups granting last wishes to children with life threatening illnesses". Since there are literally thousands of children in the United States who have unfulfilled wishes, the answer to that question is quite simple.


And so...Utilizing their own funds, the LeBeau’s began reaching out to families of children with life threatening illnesses by establishing the first The Wishing Well Foundation USA Inc., in Louisiana."

They have aided many, many children with their families to experience their fondest wish. Children like Amber, Duane, and Payton.....

These beautiful children did not live past their 18th year.

Please give this charity a look. It is well worth the tears and effort.

Wishing Well Foundation USA, Inc.
3000 West Esplanade Avenue
Suite 100
Metairie, LA 70002
Phone 504-841-0001
Email wellfoundation@bellsouth.net
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