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Monday, October 24, 2011

What's on the Walls Paula Grace?!

The one thing that Jim and I wanted was to get our art and photos up. The bare walls were making me crazy! We started that process in the family room ~ where we spend much of our time together.

I placed the triptych from our last home's living room above the mantel. I like them there. The fireplace screen is being made and the drapes have to be hung and the side table that my friend Andie is painting needs to placed.... all in good time!

We love our family photos. I configured this arrangement combining three from our last home. It seems like an ode to Lauren. Wait, there's more...

Those are all Lauren below. Ok, so the room is a bit of a shrine to her but that's the way it is in our family. Lauren is the center of everything. In this photo, I particularly like the truck outside the window ~ nice (not)! Where are those drapes?! They are actually hanging in my closet upstairs but the hardware has yet to arrive. Soon, soon.

Oh yeah, like the dogs playing patty cake?! Those are book ends. Do you see any books? Some day everything will be in its place. Hopefully it will happen before I get to old and forget where everything is!

More art will be hung soon. For now, it is at least some of it is placed where it will live.

Don't worry fellows ~ you'll be able to see over the railing soon!

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