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Friday, October 21, 2011

My New Home... Onward!

My dear friend, Andie, who's artistry will appear in my home, convinced me to show my home in process. She said "the wallpaper inspired me to something to my home." I'm all for inspiration! As you may know, I painted the entire house before we moved in. The wallpaper went up in the first week. Where did it go? On the ceiling of course.

I used a Candice Olson wallcovering from York. The metallic background is a silvery blue. The textured motif is real sand. I placed it is the cathedral ceiling in the music room...

It looks dark in the first picture but it isn't really. I also placed it in the dining room tray ceiling...

The ceiling color is Brittany Blue by Benjamin Moore. I love the softness of it all. The metallic and sand shimmer when light hits it. I am so looking forward to the drapes being installed ~ that is happening very soon ~ YAY!. That will make it even cozier. Fabric adds so much. I opted for linen drapes in these rooms one shade darker than the White Chocolate walls.

I am off to High Point Market shortly. I adore going to Market when one of the people I am hunting treasure for is me!


  1. Thank you Paula! I'm so glad I inspired you to share what inspired me which I know will inspire others....and so on, and so on... :) The photos are great, keep 'em coming!

  2. Gorgeous, it really adds so much to the spaces! Enjoy the process of pulling together your new home! Janell

  3. You have a wonderful house! The house looks so spacious, and it has a peaceful ambiance. Those chandeliers are adorable! Did you install that by yourself or did you have an electrician do it for you?

  4. Vivan ~ I have my electrician install my fixtures. I'm VERY careful when electricity is involved. Only a licensed, insured electrician will do! Thanks for the comment :)
    Paula Grace


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