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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Fall Day in Rochester

This weekend, we took a whirlwind trip to Upstate New York ~ Rochester to be exact. We had relatives coming in for an overnight visit from Chile, where my mom is from. The entire ride up and back were breathtaking foliage scenes.

On Saturday, the weather was gorgeous. We spent most of the time with my family. Lauren enjoyed riding the go-carts with her cousins...

and feeding the pigeons at Schoen Place.

I enjoyed seeing my family even though it was a brief trip... and I always enjoy seeing Lauren having a carefree skip in the park. A happy lark just taking in the scenery and sunshine.

Did the adults play too?
Of course! I'm pretty sure Jim won that race. I raced too. I did not win... but I sure had a lot of fun trying to :-)

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  1. Besides NYC there's other smaller cities that I love and do enjoy traversing too like Rochester for its White-Hot/garbage plates that make me hit the toilet for 20 minutes after wards, Buffalo for its infamous (and best) Buffalo wings, Albany etc. New Zealand resident visa under the skilled/business stream is best for anyone who wants to make New Zealand a home base and is able to contribute to New Zealand through their skill or investment capabilities. I love the serene mountains and landscapes that NYC has to offer such as Bear Mountain State Park.


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