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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sparkle, Sparkle

Jim bought me my 10 year anniversary ring one year early! Don't you just love it? Do you think its to big??!!

No, no... its not a ring. Its a finial!

A beautiful Swarovski Crystal Finial from JF Drapery Hardware. It is part of their Evolution Collection. Click here to view the online catalog.

I love crystal. I grew up admiring my mom's Waterford crystal collection. She had pieces all over the living room. I have the collection now and have added to it. What I love most about crystal is, like a diamond, it captures the light...

and bounces it all over the room. Take a look...

These finials will adorn my living room... once I finally the rest of the hardware and drapes are ready. But for now, I'll just play with them in the light.

I'm sure I am not the only one guilty of admiring my engagement ring when it rests atop the steering wheel with the sun bounces off of it. That gives my joy. I don't do that as much now as when I first received it but every once in a while, it catches the light and my eye just so and I feel happy.

What makes you happy?

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