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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Never Forget the Ceiling...

I was looking at one of my favorite designers website ~ Jay Jeffers ~ for stair rail inspiration. I found it.

What I wasn't planning on was finding the brilliance with the ceiling treatments. I couldn't get enough of them. Let me show you...

Everything from soft and subtle to bold and striking.

Moral of the story ~ never forget the ceiling AND if you need more inspiration, check out the JDG.


  1. Oh my goodness, yes! I can see why you love his work! Janell

  2. I feel like I *always* forget the ceiling. This was a great post. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. I love ceilings as well. Where we live in the mountains we see many timber frame homes with huge log ceilings or beautifully carved wood. Thanks for sharing, wonderful blog.

  4. I love when the ceiling is included in the design. Unfortunately I'm not yet getting clients with budget for textiles so ceilings are not an option!


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