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Monday, May 9, 2011

My kitchen, kitchens...

This great room (kitchen and family room)/butler pantry project is wrapping up. This is only a portion of the project as a whole. There are a few details to attend to but the major items are finished. I'm thrilled with results. In the next two weeks, their BeautifulX2 Curio Tables will arrive, art will be hung and accessories placed. I cannot wait for my professional photographer to take his shots to really show you its beauty. My Nikon can only show so much.

Here's one of my other great room/butler pantry projects...


Just remember the project at the top once looked like this...

That's a transformation they will never forget. Soon my other clients will be enjoying their new, beautiful, functional kitchen, family room and butler pantry. I love that part!


  1. Love the design on the glass front doors, love your new commenting function! So easy! :)

  2. I love the granite you selected. Some designers are poo pooing granite but I think they just see the 'builder' go to selections as the only options and then just generalize and say 'no' to granite.

  3. It must be really fun being a designer. You get to meet satisfied and contented customers and you get to have the nicest feeling while giving their needs! Good luck on all of your upcoming projects, and continue to provide your clients with the best services ever. Btw, your kitchens look great! Where do you get your inspirations with those?


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