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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In the Real World...

There are times when an apothecary jar or large glass vase with fruit is a nice display item. In an ideal world real fruit or vegetables wouldn't spoil. In the real world filling a jar with real fruit can be costly and icky after a while. What does one do?? Well I have used manufactured fruit replicas on occasion. Some replicas are better than others. Take these for example...

Are they real or are they manufactured?!!

They are manufactured. I recall my mom and hubby having a heated discussion over whether the fruit in a bowl were real or not. They were not but my mom didn't believe him. That's what I'm talkin' about...

These are made by a leader in the 'fake food' industry ~ Humphrey Farms.

Moral of the story ~ sometimes manufactured do just fine and stand the test of time and believability. Just look for the ones that will start an argument about whether they are real or not. Those are the keepers.

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  1. I've used pears before...actually a few are still sitting on a tray in my family room built-ins! Forgotten about them! As long as they look real, it works for me!


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