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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pure Bliss

Yesterday I had the most pleasurable and relaxing massage I have ever had. It was at my usual spa ~ Amenity Day Spa.

I go there every three weeks for brow and bikini tending. Those are not typically relaxing appointments. Remember I told you my husband gives me gift certificates to Amenity fairly often and tells me they are not for my routine appointments but for pampering time? Well I finally used one for post Gala relief.

They have a service were two massage therapists work with you at once ~ TWO. That means that practically your entire body is being worked on at the same time. The two massage therapists I had were Chelsea and Jen. They were amazing. They were in complete unison with each other which made for the most relaxing massage I have ever had. Now I am completely spoiled. One massage therapist will never be enough!

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